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About Us


Sunshine Orthopaedic Services

Established in the early 90’s on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland. It started off as a prosthetic, orthotic and assistive device manufacturer and supplier, and quickly became one of the leading companies in our industry in Queensland and beyond.

The original owner passed away, and subsequently the business was purchased by several shareholders and the focus changed to orthotic and assistive devices only.

The new owners then introduced an extra service of specialized mobility equipment, for example: wheelchairs and custom seating for severely disabled individuals. This quickly became the core of their business, resulting in expansion into the nearby Brisbane market, with the purchase of a new warehouse and head office where all the mobility operations were conducted from.

Nambour was a sub branch, which focused mostly on Orthotics and on some mobility provision. This continued until Dewet Heyns was employed in 2011, who with his extensive knowledge and experience in orthotics and prosthetics, was able to assist the company to change its strategic direction once more.


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The service of prosthetics became a more viable addition to the already existing services, and a contract with the Queensland government was then acquired for manufacturing and providing prosthetics in Queensland.

The mobility business was solely run out of the Brisbane office and was rebranded as Mobility Solutions, so as to prevent confusion amongst health care professionals and the public, when enquiring about the mobility services.

Sunshine Orthopaedic Services was solely on the Sunshine Coast and operated out of Nambour. However, as the prosthetic services increased, we removed the assistive device services from our range of services, and now specialize in all custom made and prefabricated measuring and fitting of orthotic and prosthetic devices.

Our reputation within this geographical area has grown at a phenomenal rate, as we are providing ground breaking work and cutting edge services which are valued by patients and health care professions.