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Staff Profile





Mr. Stephen Saroglia (Master Orthotic/Prosthetic Technologist)

With over 35 years of experience as a Prosthetic Technologist at ALA in Brisbane working under the great Mr. Geoff Todd, Steve has made the move to Sunshine Orthopaedic Services after Mr. Todd headed into retirement. Steve and his wife Carol have lived on the Coast since 1986, so this career move was a natural one for Mr. Saroglia.

Many patients living on the coast are already aware of Steve’s reputation in this great industry of ours as he and Mr. Todd has serviced the coast over many years. Steve is now also honing his skills in orthotic side of our operations, but with his technical skills being what it is it has been a smooth transition.

He’s understanding of the needs of amputees is unmatched and he is enjoying helping and working with new and past patients alike on the Coast. Amputees on the coast and surrounds are truly grateful and appreciative to be able to call on such an experienced technologist so close to home for their Prosthetic/Orthotic needs.

Steve is an avid sports lover – he’s turned his hand and feet and everything else to a wide range of sports from A grade cricket to Gold Medal Para Olympics which included multiple world records along the way.

Mrs. Vanessa Smith (Receptionist)

Vanessa joined the SOS team on 1st February 2016.  Previous to that she had 5 years Administration experience working in Prosthetics.  Over the past 4 months Vanessa has learnt so much regarding the Orthotic side of SOS.

Vanessa has an outgoing, warm and welcoming approach to all the Clients who visit SOS whether they be existing or new Client’s which makes them feel at ease.

Vanessa finds her job very rewarding in that she is able to see what a difference SOS make in people’s lives by getting them back on their feet to a normal mobility way of life.

Garry Taylor (Plaster Technologist)

Garry is our part time Plaster Technologist and is qualified with a certificate IV in cast technology and has a U.S certification in Orthopaedic Technology.

Garry has 37 years of experience in the Orthopaedic cast room environment, both here in Australia and abroad.

Utilizing Garry’s high level of technical knowledge and experience, he now provides the most up to date fracture casting methods here at Sunshine Orthopaedic Services e.g. Waterproof application, where there is no need to cover the cast when showering or bathing like the traditional methods. We are proud to say that we are the only service on the coast and surrounding areas that does practice this method.

He offers multi colored options with the waterproof casting that he does for both young and old! This especially makes the kids a lot more excited and patient in having to wear this for the general 6-8 week period that they have to.

He is also proficient in measuring, selecting and fitting of any type of pre-fabricated Orthopaedic bracing products.

Garry is committed to deliver a prompt, accurate and passionate service to those who needs it most on the coast and is able to do home visits if deemed necessary.